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Spotter Trucks built for your requirements. Get expert advice on your Spotter Truck requirements and keep your business running no matter how tough it gets.

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Why our spotter trucks?

At Autocar®, building trucks and designing the best tools in the industry isn’t just what we do - it’s our way of life. We could say a lot of fancy things about our research and technology. We could talk about our experience. We could tell you about our customer service. It’s probably what you’re expecting - but you’ll find all that on our other pages. We’re not here to rest on our laurels. To truly understand Autocar, all you need to know is that we’re 100% niche application-focused because we know you are, too.

Custom Engineered

We offer a wide range of spotter trucks, customised to your requirements and ready to ship to you. Every spotter truck is built to your specs for the job it's going to do.

Reduced Costs

Because we don't chop, change and splice our spotter trucks together, you save money on reduced operating and maintenance costs.

24/7 Support

Keep your spotter trucks operating no matter what you put them through with unlimited training and support from Autocar Solutions®.

Work Ready

Every spotter trucks that we build is ready for the job it's going to do from the start.

Transform your business with our spotter trucks.

Our spotter trucks reduce operating costs, have a longer lifespan, and offer higher uptime than any others on the market.

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Companies Trust our spotter trucks

You can see Autocar spotter trucks doing 24/7 hard material handling work behind the scenes for many of the largest industrial, distribution, retail, and freight company sites in North America such as Lowes, UPS, John Deere, Costco, BNSF, Coca-Cola, CSX railroad, and Cargill.

spotter truck sales

Warren M
Fleet Manager

"Everybody who drives it, loves it. They like everything about it. It's a nice, big, heavy truck. It's just what we were looking for."
spotter truck sales

Head of Maintenance

"One guy didn't want to get in the Autocar but his Ottawa broke down so we put him in the Autocar. Now we can't get him out of the Autocar!"
spotter truck sales

Rusty T Area Manager

"I like the idea that you guys come to make the truck better. We've been here 37 years and you're the first group that's ever wanted to improve on your spot trucks."
spotter truck sales


"I love the way it rides, the steering, the cupholders, it's just a great truck!"

24/7 Emergency Support

Buy an Autocar spotter truck and get lifetime Factory Direct Support like no other OEM. Period. Keep your spotter trucks operating no matter what you put them through. Contact our factory experts 24/7 for real-time over the phone troubleshooting and tech support when you need an expert.
Get unlimited training and support from the Autocar Solutions® technical support team based right at the Autocar factory.

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